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Pleasant Market is an open-air market located in Austin, Texas. The 5 1/2 acre market is just minutes from downtown, off of Riverside Drive on Pleasant Valley Road. It features outdoor rental space for the following:

Farmer's Market

Buy and sell fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices - you name it, all fresh from local growers.

Flea Market

Buy and sell all sorts of wares at one of our many flea market stalls.

Outdoor Events and Entertainment

Looking for a place to host a celebration, a concert, or other event? Look no further, Pleasant Market has a main stage area and refreshment area.

Food Vendors

Grab a drink or a bite to eat at local food vendors and trailers.

Arts and Crafts

Rent tables by the day for arts and crafts of all sorts, or bring the kids by for an afternoon of fun.

Automobile Park and Sell

Show off your car for sale. Park your car right beside the market in our designated Park and Sell area so it gets the most visibility.

Community Garage Sale

An apartment dweller's dream - come sell your stuff in our designated garage sale area, situated on a lively former miniature golf course.

For more information be sure to check out our Facebook page.